Business Challenges

The ability to effectively engage and collaborate with partners, suppliers, employees and customers is becoming increasingly critical in today’s socially connected and global business environment. Gaining a competitive edge requires mastering several core requirements, including the ability to:

  • Collaborate inside and outside of the extended organization to achieve productivity and time-to-market gains.
  • Manage and control structured and unstructured content and make it an integral part of all business processes.

Managing Content for Maximum Value

DSI are into the areas of collaboration and portals,enterprise content management (ECM), digital experience management, customer communication management and allied service areas. Our extensive capabilities are designed to help organizations:

  • Navigate the complex digital landscape to identify and implement the right marketing mix to target audiences across the globe.
  • Collaborate with audiences and capture explicit and implicit knowledge both inside the organization and with extended partners, suppliers and customers.
  • Create, manage and deliver structured and unstructured content and information.
  • Present the right contextual content to the right person, at the right time, through the right consumption channel/media.
  • Leverage content and information for cost, revenue and innovation advantages.

DSI Solutions

DSI’s Collaboration service focused on Workplace and Collaboration Services capability. We offer a variety of services in these areas, from strategic advisory and consulting services to frameworks and tools that enable fast, efficient implementations. Our core capabilities include:

CoE as a Service: CoE as a Service provides a holistic approach with advisory services comprising tools and templates that help justify investments in Atlassian Products, Microsoft SharePoint and other collaboration tools. Operational services cover business-case justification, application rationalization, visioning and road map, 360-degree governance and maturity analysis for every aspect of the systems development life cycle.

Organizational memory improvement through Knowledge Hub: Knowledge Hub allows organizations to create a knowledge exchange framework with the goal of improving organizational memory and fostering innovation. The solution includes a wide array of advisory and implementation services, including ready-made reusable components, a pluggable and customizable portal, standard operating procedures, checklists, best practices and guidelines for knowledge management and known error database.

Cross-Departmental Insights through Atlassian Products: The Atlassian Products solution helps determine the best integration avenues to data onto Collaborate based on domain-specific use cases. It also allows Atlassian’s collaborative and analytics-based features to dissect the data being stored in DB, use business intelligence features such as Powerview and Excel services, and generate key performance indicators (KPIs), reports and dashboards without using separate products offered by vendors and competitors.

AD and ASM Enablement: AD (Application Development) and ASM (Application Support and Maintenance) enablement services provide core expertise to manage and execute AD and ASM projects with skill-building through training and support. The service also provides processes to optimize traditional waterfall, iterative, agile or other project methodologies during project execution.

The DSI Difference

We combine our core capabilities in each of these areas with our deep expertise gained from implementations with many leading organizations across a range of industry sectors. Customers benefit from access to multi-skilled experts and resources while our partnerships with top technology vendors allow us to provide a broad range of competencies.

Partners in Innovation

DSI has established deep and varied relationships with prominent vendors providing customer experience, content, collaboration, social and allied products and solutions, allowing us to meet customer needs across a range of dimensions and specialties.